Alberta Burger Fest 2016


1) Each restaurant must serve a UNIQUE burger, not a part of their regular menu, for the purpose of this competition. 

2) The Burger MUST be sourced from as much Alberta Produce as possible, ESPECIALLY the BEEF. The SOLE Exceptions to the rule are SEAFOOD (as there is not much to speak of outside of trout) and VEGETABLES (as there isn't much in season in Alberta in May).

3) The Burger can be made of ANY BUN, PROTEIN or TOPPING. The only real restriction is that it must look or resemble a burger. The IMAGINATION is the thing.

4) The Burger is sold at $10, $15 or $20, of which 10% is set aside for the Charity Pot to be distributed among the FIVE designated Alberta Burger Fest charities

5) The Burger must be designed by a Chef or a Cook that is located IN ALBERTA, and cannot be outsourced to some outside chef (hense, no burgers by Gordon Ramsey)

6) The Business must be ALBERTA-registered and can not be a national chain (exceptions

allowed for restaurants that are incorporated in Alberta and expanded out of the province as CRAFT BEER MARKET). Restaurant Groups owned and operated in Alberta are also exempt and are treated as independent businesses.

7) VOTING is done based on the BURGER alone. The Restaurant may offer sides, drinks or anything else they want, but it's the BURGER that is the measure.