Alberta Burger Fest 2016

Meet Chef Quinn Staple of YELLOW DOOR BISTRO at the Hotel Arts, and learn about the story of the BUN

And Last but not Least, Meet Country Music Superstar Paul Brandt, introducing the quiet pride of some of the finest beef in the world. Canada, but especially ALBERTA Beef.

ALBERTA BURGER FEST is a CELEBRATION of Alberta Agriculture, Talent and Business and Charity. 

There will never be a major national Canadian or International burger chain. We are Albertans who love our province and home, and do our best to simply make things that much more awesome. 

Find out a little more about what we stand for, in these videos, giving you the story of the BURGER, from the toppings, the bun and ESPECIALLY the ALBERTA BEEF.

Learn a little about how your toppings grow from Paul and the great people of GROW CALGARY